To participate as a team coach in DMVElite NCAA Events, you must be certified through the NCAA's PeopleWise Coaches Approval Program.

This page should serve as a helpful guide to accomplishing this task. If you already hold a certification or understand the process, click here to skip ahead to the PeopleWise NCAA Coaches Approval Program site. For further directions and tips, read below.

The NCAA has teamed with a Division of LexisiNexis, PeopleWise, to host the web application process for approval to participate in coaching activities at NCAA certified summer basketball events. Below are some helpful hints to help coaches get through the process in a timely manner. This is an online application, which requires the following:

  1. Access to the internet.
  2. Current information regarding the applicant's identity and addresses.
  3. Knowledge regarding the NCAA basketball certification rules.
  4. A valid credit card that can be used to pay for the application process.
  5. A current email address is strongly encouraged to help us better serve the coaches.

In applying, coaches need to keep the following issues in mind:

  • An electronic waiver and, in some cases an affidavit, must be agreed by the applicant which allows the background check data to be shared with the NCAA. In addition, the applicant must agree to the release of and posting of his/her name to a list of approved and denied coaches. 
  • Accurate input of information is critical. Therefore, full legal name and current and some past address information will be needed in the application process. The use of nicknames and portions of names should not be used (i.e. Matthew vs. Matt) 
  • Early application is vitally important. The process takes three (3) to seven (7) days to complete. The use of common names or conflicting information will slow the process so early application is encouraged. 
  • On March 7, 2007, e-mails with approval numbers will be sent to coaches who applied in 2004. On March 15, 2005, emails with an application link will be sent to coaches who's certification has expired. 
  • There is a penalty of $15 for applications submitted after June 30. In order to process late applications in a timely manner, PeopleWise must dedicate additional resources, which result in increased costs for the process. Therefore, we strongly urge coaches to apply early. 
  • International applicants from the attached list of countries can be accommodated via the process. International applicants must follow the prompts on the introduction page of the web site and depending on the country, additional costs may be necessary in order to obtain a criminal background check. For any countries not listed, contact PeopleWise directly to discuss.
  • The NCAA criterion for approval is as follows: Each applicant must pass the NCAA rules test with a minimum score of 70% and have no felony convictions or felony charges pending. There is no waiver or appeal available for a denial of approval. PeopleWise can be contacted once the background check is completed if there is a dispute as to the accuracy of the information provided to the NCAA.

Have further questions regarding the certification process?
Contact the PeopleWise Event Check staff at (800) 631-8455 or via e-mail

Ready to complete your 2005 certification?
Click here for the PeopleWise NCAA Coaches Certification/Approval.