DMVelite 80 Info

The DMVelite 80 is set for Saturday, September 14, 2013 at Bowie City Gym (4100 Northview Dr, Bowie, MD 20716)

Player registration begins at 9:30 a.m., and players will receive their team assignment, jersey and take a headshot picture. Testing (Height, weight, wingspan, standing reach, vertical and broad jump) and drills/workouts will follow the registration.

Game sets will begin at Noon.

The event is open to the public; the price is $5 for adults and $2 for children under 9. Players being dropped off are permitted one parent/guardian free of charge.

College coaches are also welcome to attend, and player roster packets (with contact info, academic info and accurate measurements) will be available.

Please email Edgar Walker ( to pre-register for a roster packet or simply show up on Saturday and check in at the Media/College Coaches table.

In addition to DMVelite's extensive coverage of the event, 30+ national and local media organizations are slated to attend. 

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For more information, contact DMVelite's Marcus Helton or Edgar Walker.

DMVelite 80
Event Schedule- September 14, 2013  Bowie City Gymansium

Coaches’ meeting


Table 1: Sign-in and info/payment verification
Table 2: Jersey handout and team assignment

Introduction by director


Led by Tobe Stephens

ELITE 80 Drill Session

Position specific workout
All four baskets will have players separated by position
Basket 1 Point Guards
Basket 2 Combo Guards/Shooting Guards
Basket 3 Wings/Forwards
Basket 4 Post

Game schedule announced and team meeting. Water and restroom break.

Game Set 1

Team 1 vs Team 2 (Court 1)
Team 3 vs Team 4 (Court 2)
Team 5 and 6 Stationary measurements
Team 7 and 8 Aerobic measurements

Game Set 2

Team 5 vs Team 6 (Court 1)
Team 7 vs Team 8 (Court 2)
Team 1 and 2 Stationary measurements
Team 7 and 8 Aerobic measurements

Game Set 3

Team 1 vs Team 4
Team 2 vs Team 3
Team 5 and 6 Aerobic Measurements
Team 7 and 8 Stationary Measurements

Game Set 4

Team 5 vs Team 8
Team 6 vs Team 7
Team 1 and 2 Aerobic Measurements
Team 3 and 4 Stationary Measurements

Game Set 5

Team 1 vs Team 3
Team 2 vs Team 4
Media availability for teams not playing

Game Set 6

Team 5 vs Team 7
Team 6 vs Team 8
Media availability for teams not playing

Group Photo


3-Point Contest (Field TBA)
Dunk Contest (Field TBA)
Closing and Awards

Game Rules
20 minute games
10 minute running time halves
1 timeout for use in the second half
Shooting fouls= 1 point automatically, 1 ft
1 and 1 starts for 10 team fouls
Coaches will distribute playing time evenly with either 5 man line substitutions or individual subs

*Playoffs: Playoffs will consist of 3 rounds, all teams will be bracketed by their regular game record. The games will be one half and the winner advances to the next round.

Combine Measurements
Standing reach
Vertical Jump
Broad Jump