SCHEDULE: 2017 DMVelite 80

DMVelite 80 Boys Showcase

Event Schedule

September 9, 2017

Bowie City Gymnasium, 4100 Northview Drive, Bowie MD 20716


(Schedule and Game Rules Below)

12:30pm -2:00 PM

  • Table 1: Sign-in and info/ verification

  • Table 2: Get jersey/Team Assignment

  • Headshots

  • Wing Span measurement

1:30 PM

Coaches’ Meeting

2:00 PM


Group Photo

2:15 PM 

Stretch/Warm ups
Led by strength & conditioning trainer, Tobe Stephens, Enhanced Training Champions


80 Drill Session

Station 1 Defense Emphasis

Station 2 Offense Emphasis

Station 3 Shooting – Dribbling Emphasis

Station 4 Strength & Conditioning

Each station will provide a 10-minute workout. Coaches will provide a total of 40 minutes workout expressing the fundamentals of team offense, team defense, scoring and facilitating.

3:15 PM
Water Break

3:20 PM

Game Set 1

Team Black vs. Team White (Court 1)

Team Red vs. Team Navy (Court 2)

Team Gray, Green, Orange & Purple attend NCAA Eligibility Center Discussion


3:50 PM

Game Set 2

Team Green vs. Team Gray (Court 1)

Team Purple vs. Team Orange (Court 2)

Team White, Red, Navy & Black attend NCAA Eligibility Center Discussion

4:20 PM

Game Set 3

Team White vs. Team Red (Court 1)

Team Black vs. Team Navy (Court 2)

Team Green, Gray, Purple & Orange


4:50 PM

Game Set 4

Team Orange vs. Team Gray (Court 1)

Team Green vs. Team Purple (Court 2)

5:20 PM

Game Set 5

Team Red vs. Team Black (Court 1)

Team Navy vs. Team White (Court 2)

5:50 PM

Game Set 6

Team Green vs. Team Orange (Court 1)

Team Purple vs. Team Gray (Court 2)


Game Rules

  • 24 minutes per game.

  • Two 12-min running clock halves.

  • Clock stops with 1 minute left in the half

  • 2 min halftime.

  • 1 time out. 

  • Shooting fouls = 1 FT

  • 1-and-1 starts above 10 team fouls

  • Coaches expected to distribute playing time mostly evenly, whether by full 5-man line changes or by individual substitutions

Camp Coaches

Team Black – Chuck Henry, Fairmont High School

Team White - Will Maynard, Southern High School
Team Red - Angelo Hernandez, Woodrow Wilson

Team Gray - Malcolm Battle, Cesar Chavez

Team Navy - Jamal Shivers, DMVelite

Team Green – Sam Brand, Baltimore Poly

Team Purple – Doug Craig, WT Woodson

Team Orange – Anthony Pringle, St. John Paul The Great