DMVelite Scouting Subscription


DMVelite is pleased to offer College Coaches and Recruiters an exclusive scouting report delivered directly to your inbox, providing the most comprehensive information on players from D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. Contact Marcus Helton at or 540-383-7844.

Guidelines & FAQ

Is the subscription available to all institutions, and at the same cost?
Yes, the DMV Recruiting Guide is available to all Division I, II, or III affiliation NCAA programs. All programs are able to pay the same price..

What is the cost of this service?
The DMVelite Recruiting Guide costs $175, and will feature Master Reports with full player breakdowns, including academic and contact information. These reports are the standard format that we have been sending out throughout the year. As you know, they are continually updated throughout the year. Also included is valuable supplemental information, including open gym, summer and fall league schedules and info on upcoming showcase camps and tournaments. 

Will the list disseminate information about prospective student athletes at least four times per calendar year?
Yes, DMV Recruiting Guide will produce more than four master reports per calendar year, along with additional supplemental information like open gym schedules.

What is the geographical scope of the service?
DMV Recruiting Guide is a regional scouting service with information on players throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Scouting reports on Pennsylvania and North Carolina prospects will be available periodically.

Will the subscription provide individual analysis beyond demographic information or rankings for each prospective student-athlete?
DMV Recruiting Guide will provide in-depth analysis of college prospects, addressing strengths/areas of improvement for each player along with a general breakdown of their abilities. Information on academics and character will be provided if/when known.