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YOUTH: Tasker Downs Ogle, 43-30

By DMV Elite, 12/10/14, 12:00AM EST


Co Player of the Game
Casheus Covington (Samuel Ogle)
Casheus is a fearless player. He has a scorers’ mentality. He showed he was not afraid to take the shots needed to help his team win the game. He showed he could shoot of the dribble, knock down the 3 point shot, and get to the basket at will. Covington led all scores with 15 points. His performance landed him Co-Player of the Game honors.
Abdul Rasheed Idano (Benjamin Tasker)
Abdul played with a lot of energy. He ran the floor very well, controlled the boards, and finished well around the basket. Defensively, he altered a lot of shots with his shot blocking ability. Any time one of his teammates was beat on the perimeter, he was there in help-side defense to help protect the basket. His performance landed him Co-Player of the Game honors.
Floor General Award
Ayan Teel (Benjamin Tasker)
Ayan showed he could run a team at the point position. He controlled the tempo of the game. When his team needed him to make a play, they would look to him to get it done. He is truly a pass first point guard, but scored the ball when needed. He took on the task of defending the opposing team best player. His performance landed him the Floor General Award.
Player To Watch
Darius Maddox- Class of 2020 (Samuel Ogle)
Darius (Pictured, Right) had a stretch in the 3rd quarter of the game versus Benjamin Tasker where he scored the ball. He scored nine points in the quarter. He showed he could knock down the middle range shot, the three point shot, and get to the basket. He is definitely someone you want to watch continue to develop.