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Winter League, Week 2

By DMV Elite, 10/01/12, 12:00AM EDT


The DMV Elite Winter League got back to action this past weekend with 14 games. 5th through 8th grades were all in attendance competing for their first win of the season or pushing ahead in the rankings.

Team Glory 54 Hughesville Hurricances 4 and Zion Harman w/14 for Team Glory.
MADE Elite 29 Xpress United 17 and Garrett Koch w/8 for MADE and Lucas Warfield w/5 for Xpress.
Arlington Storm 50 Metro Sixers 18 and Ryan VounKirk w/9 for the Storm and Darins Johnson w/9 for the Sixers.

MD Finest 40 Metro Sixers 32 and Charles Creek w/12 for Finest and Albert Jackson w/11 for the Sixers.
MD Finest 36 Arlington Thunder 29 and Charles Creek w/11 for Finest and Mike Lowen w/14 for the Thunder.
Mid Atlantic Select 38 MD3D 22 and Donovan Williams w/22 for Select and Peter Merohall w/6 for MD3D.
Force One 48 Team Glory 18 and Tyler Baylor w/12 for Force and Zion Harmon w/14 for Glory.
Force One 48 Metro Sixers 28 and Tucker Strachan w/16 for Force and Jonathan McGriff w/8 for the Sixers.

Classic Storm 37 Annandale Attack 26 and Lincoln Yeulter w/11 for Storm and Dante Jackson w/6 for the Attack.
Metro Sixers 71 Savage Boys & Girls 14 and Miles Dread w/15 and Aaron Champong w/8.

MD3D 36 Hoop Life Wildcats 20 and Justin Kane w/11 for 3D and Matt Johnson w/5 for the Wildcats.
Team TakeOver 46 HYCP 45 and Chris Lykes w/16 for TakeOVer and Matt Bernetti w/11 for the Sharks.
HYCP Sharks 49 LA Hawks 25 and Donovan Dives w/12 for the Sharks and Chris Dyches w/10 for the Hawks.
Team TakeOver 38 Xpress United 33 and Andre Boykin w/15 for TakeOver and Nick Fennel w/12 for Xpress.


5th Grade Wins Losses

Arlington Storm 0 1
Hughesville Hurricanes 0 1
MADE Elite 1 0
Metro Sixers 1 0
Team Glory 1 0
Xpress United 0 1

6th Grade Wins Losses
Force One 2 0
MD Finest 2 0
Metro Sixers 0 2
Arlington Thunder 0 1
MD3D 0 1
Mid Atlantic Select 1 0
Team Glory 0 1

7th Grade Wins Losses
Annandale Attack 0 2
Arlington Hoyas 0 0
Classic Storm 2 0
MD Flames 1 1
Metro Sixers 0 1
Savage Boys & Girls 1 0
Xpress United 1 1

8th Grade Wins Losses
HYCP Sharks 2 1
Hoop Life Wildcats 0 2
LA Hawks 0 2
MD3D 2 0
Team TakeOver 3 0
Xpress United 0 2